Course curriculum

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    Information on the Class

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    November 13, 2021

    • EMDR-Window of Tolerance-Healthy Nervous System

    • 1. EMDR Complex Trauma

    • 3. DES II assessment

    • 4. Under_over accessing

    • 5. Components of Memory

    • 6. DeTUR Protocol Instructions

    • 7. Miller Protocol instructions

    • 8. Anderson protocol instructions

    • Craving and Consequence worksheet for Practicum

    • DeTUR Protocol worksheet for Practicum

    • Impulse control worksheet for practicum

    • Evaluation Lecture Day 1 COMPLETE AFTER DAY 1

    • Consultation and Practicum Evaluation Day 1

    • WOT diagram

    • SUDS

    • Building the Bridge Day 1

    • Building a Bridge day 1 slides.pdf

    • Alan Shore Video 1 therapeutic alliance substitute for the past relational deficits, empathic resonance

    • Alan Shore Video 2Dissociation and inability to take in comfort

    • Video 3 Defenses

    • Video 4- slide 14 Repair Ruptures allows for tolerance of negative affect

    • Video 5 slide 25 Emotional social development interactive relational of caregiver

    • DeTurs - Nov 12 2021 - 7-57 PM

    • Alan Shore slide 24 Abuse and neglect

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    November 14, 2021

    • Lecture Evaluation Day 2 COMPLETE AFTER DAY 2

    • Practicum Evaluation Day 2 COMPLETE AFTER DAY 2

    • EMD Worksheet

    • Trauma Triangle-Adult Triangle

    • Building the Bridge Day 2

    • Building a Bridge Day 2 Slides

    • Impulse Control examples

    • Cynthias example

Pricing options

Virtual Course will be Live via Zoom November 13-14, 2021. Sign up by October 13, 2021 to qualify for the early bird fee of $600! Payment plan available for 4 payments of $150. Late Registration after October 13 is $750. Provide proof of CSAT Training and EMDR part 2 completion by emailing scan or photo to

Incorporate EMDR with CSAT Work

This workshop will address how to assess and treat dissociation one of the most challenging barriers to recovery. Learn to adequately prepare a client for EMDR trauma processing with effective resourcing and stabilization. Address shame and trauma re-enactment. Learn to use EMDR to reduce patterns of re-enactment, overcompensation and shift sexual anorexia. Use EMDR Addiction protocols such as DeTur, Impulse Control Disorder Protocol and The Urge and Craving Protocol.


MS, LPC, CSAT, CMAT, CSOT, EMDR Certified, EMDR Consultant, EMDR Trainer

Jennifer Jones

Jennifer Jones is a licensed psychotherapist, certified EMDR therapist, EMDR Consultant, EMDR HAP Facilitator and EMDRIA approved trainer and Teacher in Training for the US Esogetic Colorpuncture Institute. Specializing in treating traumatized children and adults for over 20 years. She specializes in treatment of trauma and addiction issues in adults and children and uses Esogetic Colorpuncture extensively in her work. .Currently, she provides trauma healing, including holistic therapies, through Be the Change Global Wellness in Puerto Rico and Milwaukee. . She also uses parts/ego states work and the role attachment has on trauma and in-depth assessment and treatment of dissociation. Jennifer is a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, treating process addictions including pornography and video gaming, spending, shopping, exercise and relationship issues. Also specializing in children with RAD, ADHD, PTSD, sensory issues, behavior problems, adoption & attachment issues, complex trauma, sexual & physical abuse, neglect & relational trauma. Jennifer is the only EMDR Trainer cross trained as a CSAT & Certified Sex Offender Therapist. Cross trained in holistic treatments she provides mindfulness, meditation, breath work & spirituality for a high level of well rounded individual attunement. Her current work is providing trauma healing intensives and global humanitarian work as a trauma specialist and EMDR Trainer with Be the Change Global Wellness in Puerto Rico to train therapists in EMDR, providing pro bono consultation and address the mental health crisis by providing Pro Bono therapy after earthquake and hurricane disasters.


Joelle Ottoson

Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Substance Abuse Counselor and Supervisor with over 25 years of experience providing psychotherapy for teens and adults. Certified Sex Addiction Therapist and Sex Offender Therapist and trauma specialist. EMDR Consultant and trained in the FlashTechnique. Cross trained in holistic treatment modalities such as needleless acupuncture, Yoga and Reiki. Provides humanitarian work & EMDR consultation and training in Puerto Rico.


  • What are the qualifications to enroll in this course?

    The workshop is open to licensed professionals who are CSAT Certified AND EMDR Trained. EMDR Training must be in parts 1 & 2 and completion of the part 2 ten hours of consultation.

  • Are Continuing Education hours included in this workshop?

    Jennifer Jones is an EMDRIA approved provider and 16 hours of Continuing Education through EMDRIA is provided . Be the Change Global Wellness is a National Association for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselor provider of Continuing Education. Building the Bridge will provide 16 hours of continuing education with NAADAC #161472

  • Where and When is this workshop?

    Building the Bridge will be offered Virtually via Zoom. Date is November 13-14, 2021 at 8:30am-5:00pm CENTRAL STANDARD TIME

  • Can I cancel and get a refund? (Not that you want to miss this fantastic event!)

    Things happen... Cancellations must be received in writing 30 days in advance (October 13) for a full refund. Cancellations less than 30 days will be refunded less a $100 cancellation fee. No refunds will be given the day of the scheduled event. Allow 4 weeks to receive the refund.

At the Conclusion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

All participants must be licensed professionals and CSAT Certified and EMDR Trained parts 1 & 2 prior to enrollment

  • Learn EMDR Addiction Protocols:the DeTur Protocol, Impulse Control Disorder Protocol and Anderson protocol for Urge and Craving reduction

  • Utilize the DES Assessment, when to refer out based on results, how to effectively treat dissociation in session (one of the biggest missed clinical issues in treatment)

  • Describe effective Resourcing with addiction

  • Use EMDR to Target: Shame, trauma arousal trauma repetition, trauma blocking, entitlement, deprivation, overcompensation, sexual anorexia

  • Discuss 8 phase protocol & how to work most effectively with addictions

  • Implement effective "Front loading" techniques for the traumatized brain (Relapse Prevention Planning)

  • Create "Safety" as the catalyst & impetus for deeper recovery outcomes

  • Identify EMDR targets from the results of the PTSIR

  • Identify targets for partner and addict in recovery utilizing the Karpman Triangle and use EMDR to maximize the effectiveness of the Disclosure process from preparation to the aftermath.

  • Describe self-care techniques that support recovery and ways to advance recovery