Course curriculum

  • 1

    Day 1 EMDR Training

    • Mary and Charlie video

    • Consultation and Practicum Evaluation Day 1 COMPLETE AFTER DAY 1

    • Practicum Instructions PRINT

    • Evaluation Lecture Day 1 COMPLETE AFTER DAY 1

    • Components of Memory PDF (laminate handout)

    • Informed consent example

    • Virtual EMDR Training Quiz STUDY GUIDE

    • Preparation and Stabilization Exercises in Appendix A

    • How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime | Nadine Burke Harris video

    • Still Face Experiment: Dr. Edward Tronick video

    • WOT diagram (laminate handout)

    • Dr. Allan Schore on attachment trauma and the effects of neglect and abuse on the brain video

    • Trauma Treatment: Psychotherapy for the 21st Century video

    • Handout of powerpoint slides Day 1

    • Tech Guide and Online etiquette

    • emdr 2021 brochure rev pdf

    • Day 1 Live Zoom link

    • Day 1 PowerPoint Slide Presentation

  • 2

    DAY 2

    • Calm Place video first 6 minutes then targeting sequence

    • Lecture Evaluation Day 2 COMPLETE AFTER DAY 2

    • Consultation and Practicum Evaluation Day 2 COMPLETE AFTER DAY 2

    • "Just Breathe" by Julie Bayer Salzman & Josh Salzman video

    • Can you tell us why EMDR works? - EMDR with Dr. Andrew M. Leeds Ph.D. - ONE80CENTER video

    • The Hungry Ghost Inside Us (Addiction) video

    • impact-of-events-scale-r in Appendix A

    • children impact of events in Appendix A

    • Intake Interview EMDR Training pdf Print for Practicum

    • ACES Print for Practicum

    • DES Print for Practicum

    • Adolescent DES II pdf in Appendix A

    • childrens DES in appendix A

    • Incest continuum-attachment pattern (Laminate handout)

    • indicators of adequate stabilization- over-under accessing (Laminate handout)

    • Day 2 Live Zoom Link

    • Day 2 Power Point

    • Day 2 Powerpoint Handout

    • Healing Trauma, Healing Humanity: Rolf Carriere at TEDxGroningen VIDEO

  • 3

    DAY 3

    • Practicum Instructions day 3 and 4 PRINT FOR PRACTICUM

    • Linda Phases 3-7 video

    • Practicum EMDR Worksheet PRINT

    • Day 3 Lecture Evaluation COMPLETE AFTER DAY 3

    • Day 3 Consultation and Practicum Evaluation COMPLETE AFTER DAY 3


    • Day 3 EMDR slides handout


    • day 3 powerpoint.pdf

    • The Hungry Ghost Inside Us (Addiction) video

  • 4

    DAY 4

    • Lecture Evaluation Day 4 COMPLETE AFTER DAY 4

    • Consultation and Practicum Evaluation Day 4 COMPLETE AFTER DAY 4

    • EMDR Targeting Sequence Form part 1 PRINT FOR PRACTICUM

    • EMDR Targeting sequence form part 2 PRINT FOR PRACTICUM


    • Day 4 powerpoint

    • day 4 handout

  • 5

    DAY 5

    • Day 5 and 6 practicum and consultation Instructions PRINT FOR PRACTICUM

    • EMDR Targeting Sequence Form part 1 PRINT FOR PRACTICUM

    • EMDR Targeting sequence form part 2 PRINT FOR PRACTICUM

    • Lecture Evaluation Day 5 COMPLETE AFTER DAY 5

    • Consultation and Practicum Evaluation Day 5 COMPLETE AFTER DAY 5

    • Red Color: Israeli Song Video VIDEO

    • 6 year old girl give her mom a wake up calls a lesson of life after her parents been divorced VIDEO

    • Linda Re-evaluation video

    • Day 5 Slides

    • EMDR slides handout day 5 pdf


  • 6

    DAY 6

    • Lecture Evaluation Day 6 COMPLETE AFTER DAY 6

    • Consultation and Practicum Evaluation Day 6 COMPLETE AFTER DAY 6


    • R-tep worksheet pdf

    • Copy of day 6 powerpoint handout

    • Day 6 Powerpoint

  • 7

    Day 7 & 8 Mod 4

    • Lecture Evaluation Day 7 COMPLETE AFTER DAY 7

    • Day 8 Lecture Evaluation COMPLETE AFTER DAY 8

    • EMDR Complex Trauma Work Sheet PRINT for Practicum

    • EMD Worksheet pdf PRINT FOR MOD 4

    • Practicum day 7 and 8 Instructions PRINT FOR MOD 4

    • mod 4 EMDR slides handoutpdf

    • Racism and emdr slides handout pdf

    • Racism and emdr slides rev pdf.pdf

    • Consultation and Practicum Evaluation Day 7 COMPLETE AFTER DAY 7

    • Consultation and Practicum Evaluation Day 8 COMPLETE AFTER DAY 8



    • Karpmans Triangle

    • mod 4 powerpoint rev.pdf

  • 8

    Final Quiz Required to complete training

    • Virtual EMDR Quiz COMPLETE AFTER MOD 4

  • 9

    Registration Forms

    • 2021 Registration packet pdf

    • emdr 2021 brochure rev pdf


MS, LPC, CSAT, CMAT, CSOT, EMDR Certified, EMDR Consultant, EMDR Trainer

Jennifer Jones

Jennifer Jones is a licensed psychotherapist, certified EMDR therapist, EMDR Consultant, EMDR HAP Facilitator and EMDRIA approved trainer and Teacher in Training for the US Esogetic Colorpuncture Institute. Specializing in treating traumatized children and adults for over 20 years. She specializes in treatment of trauma and addiction issues in adults and children and uses Esogetic Colorpuncture extensively in her work. .Currently, she provides trauma healing, including holistic therapies, through Be the Change Global Wellness in Puerto Rico and Milwaukee. . She also uses parts/ego states work and the role attachment has on trauma and in-depth assessment and treatment of dissociation. Jennifer is a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, treating process addictions including pornography and video gaming, spending, shopping, exercise and relationship issues. Also specializing in children with RAD, ADHD, PTSD, sensory issues, behavior problems, adoption & attachment issues, complex trauma, sexual & physical abuse, neglect & relational trauma. Jennifer is the only EMDR Trainer cross trained as a CSAT & Certified Sex Offender Therapist. Cross trained in holistic treatments she provides mindfulness, meditation, breath work & spirituality for a high level of well rounded individual attunement. Her current work is providing trauma healing intensives and global humanitarian work as a trauma specialist and EMDR Trainer with Be the Change Global Wellness in Puerto Rico to train therapists in EMDR, providing pro bono consultation and address the mental health crisis by providing Pro Bono therapy after earthquake and hurricane disasters.


Joelle Ottoson

Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Substance Abuse Counselor and Supervisor with over 25 years of experience providing psychotherapy for teens and adults. Certified Sex Addiction Therapist and Sex Offender Therapist and trauma specialist. EMDR Consultant and trained in the FlashTechnique. Cross trained in holistic treatment modalities such as needleless acupuncture, Yoga and Reiki. Provides humanitarian work & EMDR consultation and training in Puerto Rico.

LCSW, EMDR Consultant

Jennifer Bosch

Licensed Clinical Social Worker practicing psychotherapy since 2003, specializing in trauma, children, autism spectrum disorders and attachment issues. EMDR Consultant as well as trained in the Flash Technique. Cross trained in holistic treatment modalities of Reiki and Needleless Acupuncture. Provides humanitarian work in Puerto Rico. JODI ANDERSON, MS, LPC, SAC-IT, EMDR CONSULTANT-IN TRAINING. Jodi is Certified EMDR Therapist and EMDR Consultant in Training and Trained in the Flash Technique. Experience with children, teens and adults treating trauma, mental health and substance abuse. Licensed Professional Counselor and Substance Abuse Counselor

Discounts and Payments Plans

Payment plans and discounts are available. Register 30 days in advance for $1795 ( CODE: early bird). CSATs discounted rate of $1500 (must submit copy of CSAT training). Discounted BIPOC rate of $1250 as well as scholarship opportunities. Military & Veterans and Non-profits receive $100 off. Already EMDR Trained: Sharpen your skills and receive consultation hours toward certification as well as discounted rate of $750! (must email EMDR part 2 completion certificate) PLEASE NOTE WE CAN NOT GUARANTEE YOU WILL RECEIVE THE MANUAL ON TIME IF PAYMENT MADE AFTER MAY 1st, April 15th for out of the USA.

Take your practice to the next level...

Learn to improve Client outcomes with a focus on the assessment and treatment of Dissociation. Required Consultation hours are included saving you time and money. Consultation is available for special populations: Substance Abuse, Sex Addiction, Children and Complex Trauma, Military and Recent Events Protocol

Summer Session Starts May 30th

Space is limited~Sign up now!

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What our participants are saying...


by Author's name

“I think it takes a lot of passion to teach at the level that you all did in this course. I have taken countless trainings in my career regarding different psychotherapies and I can honestly say I have never left a course feeling as prepared to practice therapy as I do now with EMDR. I know I still have a lot of work to do, but the foundation I got from this training was valuable and complete You are all amazing teachers, and I want to thank you.”

2019-2020 Puerto Rico

“The consultation and the practicum are necessary: it helps us integrate all the knowledge and be more effective. EMDR transformed my vision of how I address the problems that pain patients and couples. Its opened another dimension of intervention and skills. In a time where there is so much pain, we have the honor and the opportunity to help our people to heal. “

2019-2020 Puerto Rico

“I took my first EMDR basic training with another agency in 2017 and for second time in 2018. Although I’m grateful and I learned a lot in both, here are some points why I believe that Be the Change EMDR basic training is more tailored for Puerto Rico population: 1) BTC makes more of an emphasis on window of tolerance,2) BTC makes more emphasis on dissociation and explain more details of the signs of dissociation and the needs to do grounding with our clients. In PR we have a lot of dissociation and we shouldn’t reprocess while the client is dissociative (out of his window of tolerance). 3) In PR we have a lot of complex trauma and most of our clients are not ready to do a float back in their first sessions and sometimes takes months before we are able to do a float back. BTC explains very well. BTC teach us that during phases 3-6 we can’t say “go with that” to everything that the client report and we need to contain others memories.”

Psychologist 2020

“Thank you for putting it all together and guidance from you has been very important this weekend. It has made a great difference. At first, I was not sure of how this would work virtually and how effective it would be. But I have to say that it has been not only helpful, but I feel satisfied. I could sense, feel the caring, effort and love you put in this as a teacher as well as the commitment. God bless you! Please keep it up and know that you can count on me full. “ “I can say that I found what I was looking for professionally/personally in order for me to give more and provide for my patients holistically integrated needs. Prayers answered. Finally, I had the opportunity to take this training in the right and perfect moment . I wanted to be with the best, as my people need the best care… I’m happy and satisfied to say that I was not wrong. Thank you! We are blessed to have you on our team.”

Download and Complete Paperwork to Complete Registration Process

Email Completed Paperwork to

Continuing Education

Summer Session Sunday/Monday Mod 1: May 30 & 31 Mod 2: June 27 & 28 Mod 3: July 25 & 26 Mod 4: August 22 & 23 Training will be 8:30am to 5:30pm CST

****Participant MUST be on Camera to receive credit**** ****EMDRIA required 10 hours of consultation will be included in the cost and provided in the training saving you time and money! In other trainings this is a separate fee and scheduled on your own**** Virtual EMDR Basic Training with Be the Change Global Wellness has been approved by EMDRIA to provide all elements of the EMDR Basic Training virtually NAADAC has approved Virtual EMDR Basic Training for NAADAC credit 50 CEU NBCC has approved Be the Change Global Wellness Virtual EMDR Basic Training for 48 CE NBCC Approval number: SP-3539